Passing values in Flow Variables into and Index Query

I have the following Query Text in an Index Query:

Col0:[0 TO 1391519000 ]
AND Col1:[1391519000 TO *]

It produces the result I want.

What I now need to do is replace the numeric value 1391519000 with the value in a Flow Variable.being passed from a Table  Row To Variable Loop Start node.

How do I do this?




Update: I have a workaround where I create the query in a Java Snippet and use that in the Index Query but I would still like to know if this is the only way to do this.




Another solution would be to use the String Manipulation Variable node.

But yes, you need to generate a variable holding the correct query is the correct way to do this. You can also generate this before the loop start node.

Best, Iris

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Thanks Iris.