Password-Protection of Workflows and/or Components Knime Server


is there a way to “protect” a workflow and/or Components on kinme server with a password ?


Hi @Tim8200,

in the webportal / server you could restrict the access to a workflow/component through the user authorizations e.g. create the folder “private” and only grant the authorization to certain users.

If you want the user to start the workflow but not edit the process - then i would only grant him webportal access.

If you want to enable the users to start and edit the workflow but not enable him to see certain parts - then i think that is only possible in knime server large:
Encrypt metanodes to secure content and protect intellectual property

Depending on the usecase you might be able to encrypt it yourself - but most likely not the easiest solution.

i found the solution.
adding the following line to knime.ini “ action.metanodelock=true” activates the Lock funktion in the menue…