Paste Variable into String with RuleEngine

I need to paste a variable into a string with the Rule Engine Variable, I'm missing the right paste/print syntax:

 $${Ivar1}$$ = 1 => "sel $${Ivar1}$$ from table"

I tried paste("sel ", $${Ivar1}$$," from table") and other abbreviations but couldn't make it work. 

Do I realy have to use a java snipped for something simple as that?


Hi bastiwasti,

The Rule Engine node can't actually create its output from a function. This means that you will have to use a String Manipulation node first to get a new column with the desired output. In your case, this is 

join("sel ", string($${Ivar1}$$), " from table")

After that, you can use Rule Engine and refer to this newly created column.