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log.txt (51.0 KB) Good morning, I am trying to run a Market Basket example, and it is not running, I only get this warning in Knime console:

WARN MoePreferencePage Path to MOE not set in Preferences. Please check!

I searched for it but no result, someone knows what it means? Log is attached. Thank you.

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Hi @Luis_Araujo and welcome to the forum.

A few questions to clarify what’s going on:

  • Are you trying to execute the two Market Basket Analysis workflows included in the Example Workflows/Retail folder? If not, what workflow are you attempting to run?
  • When you say the workflow is not running, what do you mean? Does KNIME freeze up, or crash, or finish with a red X on one of the nodes?
  • Are you able to successfully execute other workflows, or is this one the only one with the problem?

At a glance, I don’t think the warning message you posted is related to the issue. So any other detail you could provide would be helpful.


HI there @Luis_Araujo,

just to add info that MOE is chemical extension in KNIME. Did you install it? If not how did you install KNIME? What OS are you running?


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I got the same error today trying to run a workflow that hits a github

WARN Worker-1 MoePreferencePage Path to MOE not set in Preferences. Please check!

Immediately after that, i get ;

…IMKClient Stall detected, please Report your user scenario attaching a spindump (or sysdiagnose) that captures the problem - (imkxpc_attributesForCharacterIndex:reply:) block performed very slowly (1.91 secs).

Getting this while learning the correct curl for this macbook pro to use the batch mode for kicking off workflows. It’s likely I’m doing something wrong.

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