Pattern / distribution prediction nodes in KNIME

Dear Knime Community,

Do you know which nodes are the best suited to use in terms of predicting a distribution of values in a population, forecasting a certain pattern of that distribution?

Let me give you an example what I think of:

The population is 3 million. The items of this population are set in order so an ordinal number can be assigned to each of the items marking the item as the 1st or the 100th in this population.

There can be 20 different values (from 1 to 20) the items can take and out of that 20 values only one value is assigned to an item.

For example the 1st item will take the value 19, the 245th item will take the value 7, the 145678th item will take the value 2 and so on.

If we take for example 200 items of this population as a sample out of the 3 million items which KNIME node could I use to predict the pattern or distribution of the values the items can take


to predict that for example what is the probability that the 350th item of the population will take the value 1 or 2 or 3 etc.

Thank you in advance for all the help and valuable insights.


These might give you some ideas:


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