Pattern recognition - help with methods?


I have the results of competative sporting matches in nominal sequential form for the past games (historic encounters) as the following example shows:

HomeTeam AwayTeam FTR M1 M2 M3 M4 M5
Team 1 Team 2 H H D D H D
Team 1 Team 2 H H H D D H

M1 - M5 denotes the historical encounters and FTR is the label to predict. The observations are lagged as if using time series. I was wondering the class of pattern recognition algorithums that may be sutible to handle this type of data.

Any information would be of a great help, as I am looking at different algorithums such as Conditional Random Feilds but am unsure that these are the best to tackle the problem. 

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I am not sure about the goal, if you have a particular target column you might want to test the Decision Tree Learner or the Association Rule Learner which returns rules in form of frequent itemsets.