pause and resume the workflow execution


Is it possible to pause and resume the workflow execution in knime without using any loop nodes?
My requirement is that , suppose I have a workflow which takes a long time to complete the execution. while it is executing,I want to pause it and resume after sometime.
Is it possible with KNIME?

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You can't pause a node mid execution, you could pause it by only executing up to a certain node and them come back. 

It's more about pausing a loop than pausing a single node.

Since you can execute a loop step by step it sounds reasonable to be able to pause a looped workflow after a few iterations.

I'm interested in the solution as well if any :)

Oh, you can pause the loop. If you right click on the loop end node I think you get this option. 

I'm not sure how you will avoid using loop nodes if you want to make loops though...

Actually I was asking whether it is possible to pause a workflow itself if I am not using any looping nodes. 
For example, I have only two nodes File reader and csv writer which reads a huge xml file and wries output which takes few minutes to complete the execution.
My question was whether I can pause this workflow in the mid of the execution and resumes later. As per my understanding it is not possible with knime. Am I correct?




Sorry, I'm struggling to understand what it is you are asking. What do you mean by pause a loop if you aren't using loops?

1) You can't pause a specific node. So in your example, you can execute the file reader, stop, come back and then execute the CSV writer. But you can't pause the file reader part way through. 

2) You can 'pause' a workflow and come back to it later in that all run nodes stay run.

3) You can pause a loop, but I don't know if you can close KNIME and then pickup where you left off. 


But if you are asking if an individual node can be paused then the answer is no. 




Thanks for the reply. Could you please explain the second point. That is 

'You can 'pause' a workflow and come back to it later in that all run nodes stay run.'

How can I pause a workflow? I could n't find any options for pausing a workflow when selecting the workflow and by taking the context menu from the workflow.




There isn't a pause button. You simple stop execution of the workflow and come back to it at a later time. The workflow will save all the processeing it has already done for executed nodes. 



Hi Srirekha, 

as proposed by swebb, you can execute a given workflow only partially, save it, re-open it and then execute the remainder of the workflow. If you are thinking about a more automatic approach, you might be interested in the Wait-nodes from the Vernalis collection:

Hope this helps,