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Is-it possible to add the PBF score in the "RDKit Descriptor Calculation" node?  The PBF score (for Plane of Best Fit) is available in the "Contrib" directory of the RDKit distribution.

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Hi Lionel,

Given that the PBF calculation requires a 3D conformation and the rest of the descriptors can be generated using only 2D information, the PBF calculation would need to be a separate node. This could, perhaps, be a "3D descriptors" node (not that there are any other 3D descriptors available at the moment).

We'll add this to our ToDo list.




Hi Greg,

Thanks for your response.

I think it could be a great advantage for RDKit to have this descriptor available since it is only available through RDKit.



Has this been implemented yet?



No, sorry, this functionality has not been implemented yet. I cannot tell any dates either. Greg and I will need discuss this again.


-Manuel Schwarze

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