PCA and flow variables

I want to run a PCA with the PCA node going to check the variance stored on the data at each iteration. What is the flow variable that I can change at each iteration, for example with a “Table row to variable loop start” node? The names of the flow variables are unclear and I cannot understand what it is

Hi alukard,

what kind of flow variable names are you talking about? Are you creating your own flow variable, or is it an automatically generated variable?


I talking of “Minimum information fraction to preserve” in Options tab. I’ll control this variable using the “table row to variable loop start” node which in turn has an input table with the variance% values that I want to keep in the data

You can set it here:

Yet be careful with handling percentages. As I understand it, if you’d like to enter 99%, the double value must take on 99.0, not 0.99 as I would usually do.

Hope this answers your question.



Thanks, this is the flow variable that I was looking for!

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