PDB Connector Updated and new XML Query variant released

We have now released version 1.1.2 in the nightly build.  This features:

1.  Some minor changes to the PDB Connector node:

  • The node by default uses the new POST webservice to retrieve reports.  This should be much faster (particularly for large searches), allow more columns to be returned and not suffer issues with proxies and robot-checkers.  This option will be used by default in existing workflows.
  • The GET service can be manually selected, in which case, the maximum URL length can now also be configured manually, to optimise performance
  • The XML Query string generated within the node is exposed to the end user in a flow variable (xmlQuery)

2.  A new PDB Connector (XML Query String) node has been released

  • Allows the user to copy/paste queries from the PDB website directly to the node
  • Allows the user to "re-use" queries from previous PDB connector nodes (either variant) in subsequent nodes for generation of different report formats
  • Also uses the new POST service by default.
  • See our book page for further details

As always, assuming no problems arise, these will be transferred to the stable builds in the next few weeks.

Also, the previous nightly build release has now been transferred to the Stable builds.



These updates are now in the stable build for versions 2.8 and 2.9.