Perform a check in Rule Engine unknown number of times

Hi :smiley:

  • I have 2 Excel files, one is with keywords and other with blacklisted words.
  • I am using Table Row To Variable Loop Start to iterate over blacklisted words
  • Everything works fine until I end my loop ( Loop End - Column Append)

My problem starts with Rule Engine implementation.

  • For now I have 4 words in my excel file with blacklisted words and in my Rule Engine Node I am doing my checks like this:

But how can I develop a workflow which checks dynamicly all blacklisted words from the Excel file without having fixed number of words? Excel with blacklisted words can have 4 or 44 or 444 words…

My workflow looks like this:

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @denajaha,

I do not understand exactly what you want to do…
Do you want to mark all blacklist words which appear in the keywords file?

What is the column append for?
Could you maybe add an example workflow with two small example files? :slight_smile:

Hi @AnotherFraudUser ! thank you for your reply :smiley:

Yes, you got it right! I want to mark if I have a match between the blacklisted words and keywords file!
As you can see in screenshot from my Rule Engine, I want to get TRUE if they match and FALSE if they do not match.

But I can not use this approach because the number of blacklisted words can vary every time I use another Excel file with new list of the blacklisted words.

I hope you understand now my problem better.

Thank you once again!

Hi @

could you check if that is what you want?

Attached a small example workflow:
KNIME_project15.knwf (22.2 KB)

The upper workflow will check for exact matches between keywords and blacklist, the lower will check if the blacklist words at least appear somewhere in the keywords


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