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I’ve been using Knime and the Text Processing Extension for a while now. I’ve build my process as described in “From Word to Wisdom”. I’m working with 15.000 documents and a length ranging from 10k to 350k words per document

The problem I have is that my Laptop Computer (Intel Core i5-6300U CPU, 16 GB Ram) seems to be too slow to work with that kind of number. Processes like POS Tagging produce deadlock messages and in worst case errors that stop the process.

Is it possible that my laptop is to slow for these kind of calculations?
My office manager would be willing to buy a new computer for the purpose of textmining. Do you have any recommendations for a new system? (Is RAM or CPU Power more important?)

Thank You !


Hi Daniel,

Your laptop might be a little weak for handling that amount of data. Still, before you go and invest in new hardware, I want to make sure that your KNIME is set up to use what you have already.

Please have a look here, specifically the section on knime.ini:

The most important points are to allocate a reasonable amount of memory to KNIME, and to increase the number of cells kept in memory (default is 100k).

If you have done that already and are willing to get a new machine, the biggest bottleneck is usually the amount of memory. In addition, you should get an SSD since KNIME writes to disk once memory is full.

Hope that helps!


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