Performance of component with python in a loop

Hi Knimers,

I’ve created an own component containing a Python Source node. This component is contained within a loop. What I noticed on my Windows machine that for each iteration of the loop python is started and stopped. This causes overhead and thus performance.

Is there a possiblity to reduce this overhead and to keep this python environment “alive” while the loop is executing?

I’m using Knime 4.1.3 on Windows7 with anaconda 4.6.14 and the py3_knime environment (this anaconda version is not ideal as I understood from another topic already).

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There are fixes in place in KNIME 4.2 to improve performance for this issue - specifically, the extra overhead required for running Python snippets in a loop. Stay tuned, because the release is coming very soon now. :slight_smile:

(You could also try out the nightly build to see if this improves things for you in the near term.)


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