Performance of creating interactive view of wrapped metanode


the generation of an interactive view out of a wrapped metanode takes round about 3 minutes on my I7 Laptop. Is that normal? What can I do?
I changed the knime.ini -Xmx value, what size do you recommend? Max. 16 GB are available.
I have the ChromeBrowser V74 installed, in the preferences there is V70 and V69-V71 in the Options. What do you recommend here?
Any other hint?

Best regards

Hi there Sabine,

Is this case with every interactive view or only with this one metanode? Three minutes is a bit too much…

Just to compare: I have older laptop with i3, around 3 GBs assigned to KNIME and using V70 and don’t think it took more than 30 seconds to open any Interactive view.

Additionally the first opening of a interactive view (initialization) takes longer. Any subsequent opening takes less.

It happens with several wrapped metanodes in different Workflows (including Knime User Training workflow) and also with quickforms.

Do I have to install Chromium in addition to Chrome? And perhaps Chromium has to be configured? How?

Hi Sabine,

did you solve this one? I’m using Chromium actually but just tried with Chrome and it makes no difference.


(I answered via email, but this will not be posted here, right?)

In the meantime I changed the configuration of the firewall to “middle” and now it works much faster.


not sure what email but pretty sure it will not be posted here :smiley:

Glad it works much better now :slight_smile:


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