Perl in KNIME 3.6.1 for Windows: "connection to Perl could not be established"

I have been trying to use the Perl Scripting node in KNIME 3.6.1 for windows (Windows server 16) though I keep running into this problem. I have been able to find three different Perl installations on this system (or at least three different occurrences of perl.exe):

  1. Cygwin64
  2. Trans-Proteomics Pipeline (TPP), the larger project that produces ProteoWizard
  3. Strawberry Perl

Unfortunately my system is partially managed by an Active Directory that I do not administer, and I cannot install ActivePerl on here (or remove it from said active directory).

I get the error “connection to Perl could not be established” regardless of which perl I point KNIME to. I recently upgraded “KNIME Perl Integration” to 3.6.0.v201805031003 as well.

thank you

Hi Lee,

Does it mean you don’t have write permissions in the directory where Perl is installed?
We could reproduce a timeout when connecting to Perl via Strawberry, however ActivePerl worked fine.
Would you have permissions to install ActivePerl in your user directory and not in Program Files and try accessing it from there?

Hope it helps!


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