Perl scripting not executing

Hello, there is a weird problem with the “Perl scripting” node in my workflows. Since a couple of month (perhaps it started with knime 4.3 already) the Perl scripting node starts running but does not come to an end. This does not happen all the time, but with a high percentage, and since in some of my workflows there are several such nodes the workflow does not come to an end. While the node appears to be running in most such cases the perl process shows zero percent CPU usage. In some cases it is possible to stop the node, but mostly the perl process needs to be killed in order to also stop the node running. I have even tried active perl vs. Strawberry perl, both show the same effect.



Hi Mathias,

If the Perl process hangs without any CPU usage, and this happens randomly, it is likely to be the combination of the script and the data that is used. I would look at the data/column(s) used in the script that lead to the stuck perl process.


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