Personal project node repository?

I would like to participate in contributing to Knime community by sharing some of the utility nodes that I found useful in day-to-day operations.  However, most of the Community Contribution nodes are by large organizations and was wondering if there is space for smaller projects.


Is there an appropriate venue in which personal node projects can be shared, or do people host their own Knime update site (aside from using general open-source repositories)?  


Any recommendation is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


As one of the community contributors without a large organization I can recommend the page with focus on the email address:

The developers are kind and welcome new contributions, so I guess if you write them they will reply within a few days. (Maybe this is also useful topic:

Hope this helps, gabor

Thank you.  

I was hesitant to try that route because of the scale of the plugin is so different, but I find it comforting see your post.  I'll give it a shot, then.