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I’m trying yo use the Google Perspective API in a Knime flow.

Here there is an example of a simple request

$ curl -H “Content-Type: application/json” --data
‘{comment: {text: “what kind of idiot name is foo?”},
languages: [“en”],
requestedAttributes: {TOXICITY:{}} }’

I tried to use the POST Request Node with the following parameters:

and url

I get an error

ERROR POST Request 3:126:140 Execute failed: Wrong status: 400 Bad Request

any idea why it is not working?


just to make sure: You used a proper API key in the URL and not the placeholder “YOUR_KEY_HERE” when you made the request, correct? Otherwise you will first need to acquire an API key to authenticate your requests with.
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Yes! I just didn’t want to write my key here in a public forum.

I get a key from the Google developers site.



OK, perfect. Did you get any response back from the API? Any error messages in the body column?
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It works!

It checked the body column and the error was the API key, because it was created but not activated.

So, it was my fault.

Thanks for your help!

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