Picking the errors from log/console

I 'm new using KNIME, so I need little help, please.

I would like to pick the error messages that promps on console or in the log file and insert in some table or .csv.
Is that any way possible to do that? I can do that by reading the log file, but I’m more intererested in one way that I could pick this value without reading the log file at the directory.
Doing that I could maintain a historic stored in the database.

Here’s a typical error in the log file:

2019-08-12 10:59:02,184 : ERROR : KNIME-Worker-45 : : AbstractJSnippet : Java Snippet : 0:8 : Wess

Is it possible to pick this value without reading the log or to set KNIME to store the log in another place (database).

Hi there @wpardim7,

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There are different levels of logging in KNIME and Console so you can have different information in Console and KNIME log file. You want to write down only errors or all messages? If errors only then you can use Try/Catch sequences on multiple places in workflow and write down error in database together with some additional info like timestamp, part of workflow where it failed… I did something similar when building ETL process with KNIME. Otherwise I think you have to go to KNIME log file.

This topic can give you some insight to logging:



Hello @ipazin,

Thanks a lot, its working! Now I can use the FailingNode/FailingNodeMessage variables that try/catch ports give me on KNIME, and then I insert tthe data in some table.
Sorry for the later answer.


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glad it helped.


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