"Pie chart" node cann't work with "Pivoting&q

Really, add-on pakage is very good!
May be, I've done something wrong, but when I trying get pie chart based on the pivoting table I see message "No column in spec compatible to StringValue".
Is this node problem, or I do something wrong?
Thank you!

Hi Max,

the piechart nodes expects as input a table containing the raw data (i.e. the same input data as the pivot node does). The output of the pivot node can't be displayed using the pie chart node.

The error message "No column in spec compatible to StringValue" is supposed to tell you that there is no column in the input table containing categorical values (based on which the pie chart node would then define the segments of the pie chart).

Sorry, it's (so far) not possible to visualize the output table of the pivot node in a pie chart.