Pivot Column Naming Feature Request

Dear community,

I very often work with pivot and I love it. However, when it comes to naming of the resulting table for e.g. heatmaps, I need an extra rename node to get the column names the way I want them. The closest option "Keep original name(s)" returns the pivot name, a plus sign, and the manual aggregation column name (i.e. "variableName+value"). However, I wish there would be an option to name the columns as pivot column name when there is only one manual aggregation variable. (i.e. "variableName"), see attached picture. I wonder if anybody else has a similar problem. Using the second node is not very intuitive but cumbersome. 

Currently I help myself with an additional Column Rename (Regex) Node with Search string: (^.+?)(\+.+$) and Replacement: $1

Best regards, Max

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Hi Max,

yes you are right, I have the same problem. Last week actually. I will add this into our bug tracking system and hopefully this will be resolved soon, or there will be a new naming option provided. The main problem is, that the node would fail if there are two options. (like 1+mean.. and 1+min both goes to 1, but that doesn't work.

Thank you for your request (and the regex ;))

Best regards, Iris

Hi Max,

Thanks for sharing your regex solution for column rename.

Hi Iris,

I would second the request made by Max to be updated as part of the Pivoting node.