PIVOT node without types combinations

Hi all,

I'm new to the software and that forum, so hello to everyone :)

I'm trying to reshape a large dataset, creating distinct counts of each column item using the pivot node.

A | XX                                        XX     YY

A | YY     into  ---->         A          1         1

B | XX                             B          1         0

It works correctly, but if I add all the columns dataset list at once (without creating 50 pivot nodes with one column each, so to do the all job in a single step) it calculates all the column combinations (as type=all in SAS) and generates too many unuseful columns as output (as XX*YY in the following example).

A | XX                                        XX     YY   XX*YY

A | YY     into  ---->         A          1         1        --

B | XX                             B          1         0        --


So my questions are:

Is there a way to pivot the table in one step avoiding the type combination? (eg selection TYPE=1 somewhere)

If no, how can I loop over all the dataset columns, sending only the pivot columns and the transposed one, for each iteration using a pivot node? I've tried with the "Column list loop start" but it doesn't work.


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I tried hard, but I don't understand your question/problem. Anyway, one tip for you:

You can use the Column List Loop Start node and use the "currentColumnName" flow variable (created by this node) to give the current column a fixed name, do your pivoting, and then rename your columns again (presumably using the Column Rename (Regex) node).

Good luck,

P.S.: Maybe you can provide us with your workflow/data and we have a better chance to understand your problem.