Pivot node

Hello all, I have a question about pivot. I created a pivot node, but there is a problem, it automatically removes duplicates, but it doesn’t do it the way I need. Is it possible to disable this feature, and if so how?

It will be helpful to see original data and expected result as well as node configuration.

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At first I use csv reader node, than pivot and group column is Document_id. But there is a problem that, for example, I downloaded a file with the same Document ID. And after the pivot node I have only one duplicate file left, the one that was the first. But the problem is that I essentially need the last changed file, and unfortunately I myself have not found how to change the logic of work pivot node.

Hi @mak_782 , as @izaychik63 has said, being able to see your input data and required output (ideally in an uploaded sample workflow) would make it easier (possible) for people to assist.

Your description of the problem alone is not sufficient for us to understand the problem or try things out so that we can help.


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