Pivot Table

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a pivot table, and finding it quite tricky.

So I have all the information that I need but I don’t know how to set it up.

I have the following headings:

Group, Item Number, Description, Location

I would like to convert the table to the below layout. Separating the location:

Group, Item Number, Description, Location A, Location B, Location C, Total

I’ve got a ‘Joiner’ and have linked in straight to a ‘Pivoting’ node. Is this correct?

Any help would be great.

Look at example:

Thanks for the reply, but I don’t think that they have solved the issue in that post.


You can separate Location column to columns for each location with the One to Many node. If this does not help enough, could you describe the pivot table you want to create in more detail? What are the group, pivot, and aggregation columns? Which aggregation method do you want to use?



Thanks for the help!

I’m sorry I didn’t know that there were 3 places to take date from with the Pivoting Node. I was using the middle one. No wonder my data wasn’t displaying as I wanted it to.