Pivoting configuration

I think, it is a but easy question, but I need some help on it.
I need to create an pivot table on a similar way that excel does, but cannot figure out the right settings of pivot-node.
What I did with excel to get the required result is:

  • pull col1 and col2 to Rows
  • pull Sum of Col3 and Sum of Col4 to values
    -pull Col5 to Columns
    to the Pivot table-fields.

How could I achieve the same with knime pivoting-node?

Hi @HarryKl , can you please share some data and also show what the expected results should be based on the rules you mentioned?

These are the data of my employer, I will have to create something similar if it is needed for the answer.
If I can rephrase my question, I would say, that it is not clear, what are the knime-equivalents of row-header, column-header and values that are used in excel to create pivots
Thank you

Dummy data is fine, the structure is what’s important. If you could share a sample of the input and the expected output, that would be great.

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