Pivoting (Total) and Bar Chart (like excel) and package them into single page/image

Hi there

I am doing significant work on profiling customers demographics (and few upcoming things) and would like to simplify and automated as much as I can in term of producing the End reports (or dashboard) 


Please see the attached image "customer_profile.png" as on of the end result that I am tring to achieve using KMINE , I have got few questions related this

1. with Pivoting Node, is it possible to show the Total of Rows and Total of Columns as shown in my example ? or am I required to set / manipulate them up myself manually using other nodes

2. as per my Bar Chart example (in the customer_profile.png or barchart.png), what I really like to show is YES/NO  (or Male/Female) within Single Bar (or BIN) , is it possible to do this in KMINE ? what Node could I use please ?as I have tried using JFreeChart (Bar and Histogram) but not achieving the same result .

3. Once I have all those pieces together (see kmine_sofar.png) , I would like to put them into a single page Image/PDF or any format , would anyone have any suggestion to achieve this please?











Regarding 1.: You can find the totals in the other two outputs of the pivot node. If you select the option "Append overall totals" in the Pivots-Tab, you also get those in the third output table.

Regarding 2.: I am not avare of a node that does that. But maybe there is one and I just missed it. You might be able to use the R extension, or push the data to some library, or to an external application and then read in the results from a file, or even use some image manipulation nodes.

Regarding 3.: Knime has a reporting extension for just this purpose. Just look around with the keyword "report", and you should find more specific information.