planned release date of KNIME Server 4.14.1

On KNIME Product Downloads 2021-12 | KNIME you advice not to install *.0-releases. And newer KNIME client releases do complain about older KNIME server releases. So I advice my colleges not to update their KNIME clients. Is this the right behaviour?

When are you going to release the 4.14.1 release?

Hi @spider

yes this is correct, your colleagues should stay on the 4.4. line until the server is updated.

The problem is, that as soon as they are editing any workflows, the version of this workflow is changed. You can than either configure the server to still try and execute this workflow or to reject it. Rejecting is the default. We are recommending to reject, because their might be problems during the loading as well as executing of workflows generated by future KNIME Versions.

We are releasing already this week the 4.14.1 Version :slight_smile:


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