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Hi all, I am quite new in data analysis and in using KNIME. I am stuck on which tools to use in my workflow. My goal is to create 2 new columns from the values in the [Values] columns because there are duplicate rows in my data which differ only in the [Metric] column such that one column has the [per-pupil cost] value for row[Grant Park] and another column for [AVG monthly Teacher salary] value. please see attached image knime_samp

Hi @Deffiong,

When I got it right, you’d like to create two new rows namely Per-Pupil Cost and Average Monthly Teacher Salary that contain the values for each school?

To achieve this, you can use the Pivoting Node:

You would group by all columns that are constant (School, Averag..., Percent..., Pupil/T...) and pivot from rows to columns using column Metric taking the first entry for Value. Results will look as follows for some sample rows:


As configuration of this node is obviously not very trivial, I created a workflow containing a few rows from your data as example and preconfigured it already. This workflow can be found on my NodePit Space:

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Thank you @danielesser

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