Please improve configuration dialogs

Hey KNIME folks,

when switching from 2.8.2 to 2.9.0 I noticed, that the configuration dialog of the Column Filter node changed due to some improvements. Sadly, resizing the new configuration dialog changed for the worse (please see good.png and bad.png). It's hard to use the new dialog when having a large number of columns with similar names (which we do have here).

In addition I can tell you, that the Group Loop Start node shows the same (bad) behaviour, whereas the Column List Loop Start node works fine. Furthermore, the Nominal Value Row Filter node could be improved as well, because the button's group does not need to be resizable (please see needstobeimproved.png).


We are looking into this.

Thanks for reporting it,

Resize behavior has been improved in the upcoming release 2.9.1.


Thanks for fixing it! Anyhow, the Nominal Value Row Filter node still needs some love! ;-)

The Number To String as well as the Nominal Value Row Filter node still feel excluded from the group of good looking KNIME nodes...