Plot title repositioning and sliding widget to change plot view

I’m having two distinct issues with Sunburst plot.
The first issue concern the title position and extention which overlap the control buttons. How can use the CSS editor to change the position of the title in addition to its dimension?

The second issue concern the possibility to use sliding widget to change the sunburst view per different years. At the moment I can only generate one plot for each year how can modify the workflow in order to introduce a sliding widget in order to change the view on the different years?


Hi @Guglielmo,

I don’t know how to fix your first issue.

Sunbrust_Slider.knwf (20.5 KB)
But for the second one, you could use a value selection widget with re-execution enabled to get different sunburst charts per year. I have attached a minimal example workflow.

Hope this helps.


Hi Temesgen,

many thanks for the solution to the major issue!



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