Plotting multiple box plots by time

Hi guys,

I have to implement this kind of graph in KNIME:

Its basically one boxplot per product, showing its test measurements distributions. On the X axis we need to show the time of the test and sort by most recent ones. The Y axis shows the test value. Box plots are colored by category of the product.

So, there are quite a few columns we should use in the plot. I was wondering if there is a way to build this kind of graph using only KNIME native nodes.

In case not, I guess Python would do the job. However, I am aware of only JavaScript nodes for building custom visualizations. Can you do the same for Python?

Sorry for the long question :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!


Hi @d3n1s -

Have you tried the Conditional Box Plot node?

I took a look at that, but I would need to use two dimensions in the X axis somehow, the product and the time. Does such a possibility exist?

Can you concatenate the product and the time together into a single identifier, and plot based on that? Hard to say without a sample of your data to look at.

Would I then be able to sort from least to most recent date?

I think so, if you put the date last. Something like AAA_20210812 might work.

I just noticed that you also wanted to color by the category of product. That’s a little trickier. If that’s a requirement, then matplotlib in a Python View node might be necessary. By default the Conditional Box Plot node is going to produce a different color for every single box plot, if I recall correctly.

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Clear, thank you very much for all the suggestions. BR, Denis

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