PMML changing the OutputField


I want to configure the Output-node of my PMML file (which is in .xml format (I am talking about the XML-node, not about a KNIME node)). Therefore I just manually add a XML-node like

<OutputField name="Probability_class" otype="continuous" dataType="double" feature="probability">.

Additionally I delete manually other OutputFields (like the probabilities of the single class values). Afterwards I perform a prediction, using a predictor-node in KNIME.

Usually I would expect KNIME now to only return the OutputFields I kept remaining in the .xml document. But it doesn't matter how much I change the output-node - the result (classified data table) stays the same like It was, when I used the original PMML file. Can somebody explain this to me?


Thank you in advance!

Hi TobNag,

KNIME does not support the output fields in PMML.