PMML Reader Source Code

Would you please let me know where I can find the source code of the PMML reader node?

I'm interested in PMML, so I'd like to look at the source code to see how it is processed.

Thanks a lot!

You need to install the source feature for KNIME Core into your Eclipse installation. It is available from the Update Site.

Thanks for your reply. I have installed the source feature of KNIME Core. How can I browse the source code? I'm new to KNIME.

Thanks again!

You can only see the source code from within the Eclipse IDE, not from within KNIME. However, if you installed the source feature into KNIME, there is a jar file called in the plugins-directory (jar-files are zip-files). This contains the source code for the basic KNIME nodes. There are also other source-plugins in there.


Got it. Thanks so much! :-)