PMML to Java Compiler error


While working with PMML Compiler node we've found 2 problems and we think they are bugs. We looked at the source code downloaded from the eclipse repository
but we don't know if that source code is the latest one. We also searched into the svn repository and we didn't found anothing.

Could some one tell me where to search the PMML compiler code?



Hi Alejandro,

we recently fixed some bugs ourselves, maybe in newer revisions the problems are gone. Anyways, you can find the code under KNIME/org.knime.base.pmml.translation in the repository.



Hi Alexander,

I've looked for it into svn repository and I don't find anything.

I follow the instructions in to access the repository but under I don't find anything

Maybe I'm looking at the wrong side.




I'm really new to KNIME and I also have an error by compiling a linear regression with the "PMML Compiler" node.

It says: "Type mismatch: cannot convert from java.lang.Integer to java.lang.Double"

With a decision tree it works fine an the data type input is the same.

I thought it depends on using an "old" KNIME Version 2.11.1, so I updated it to 2.11.3 (full extensions). The error still exist.

Converting my model to PMML also works fine, so I'm wondering what's wrong and also tried to convert all integer fields as double. But it has no effect.







Sorry for reviving an old post, but I seem to have the same problem myself (running Knime 3.1.2).