PMML to SQL and PMML to Java converter nodes


where can I find the new pmml nodes?

It is in the KNIME Labs/PMML translation or something similar feature (and category withing node repository).

Hi Gabor,

I couldn't find these new nodes anywhere in the node repository. Is it possible that they are part of the commercial features of Knime?

No, I just installed them from the KNIME Labs update category (after updating to KNIME 2.11.1). They are released under GNU GPL. After that, I could find the following nodes: Compiled Model Predictor, PMML Compiler, PMML Compiling Predictor, PMML to SQL. (The last one suggests it works best with MySQL.)

Yeah, I got that.

Thanks, Gabor.

And where do I get the PMML Basic Compilation license?

Dear All,


Is there a resource with explicit instructions for implementing the PMML to SQL procedures?  






Hi Ken,

I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean. Do you want to know how to use the node or how it works?



I've attached a workflow that shows how to generate SQL from a PMML Model. It uses SQLite, but should also work with other databases.




Thank you for the response--I'll look into this straight away.