PMMLWrite node


I am studying the internal functionality of PMMLWriterNodeModel node. Following the code, there is a point in which the class PMMLPortObject is used (method save(FileOutputStream)). Following the code of the PMMLPortObject object, the next call is made in line 362:, out);

m_pmmlDoc is an org.dmg.PMMLDocument object

out Is the location (e.g. a file)


My question is about the location of PMMLFormatter and PMMLDocument classes, and if it is possible to get access to the source code. To start with, based on the name of the package (org.dmg.*), I though that it could be some kind of generic java implementation of the PMML specifications of the DMG group, but I have not been able to find more information of this in the 

Thanks in advance.


Hi Oscar,

for the PMML support we recently switched to the Apache project XMLBeans ( which is automatically generating Java classes based on an XML Schema. This allows us to programmatically interact with PMML documents without having to parse them ourselves. Those generated classes and some additional utility classes are integrated into KNIME core as external library (org.knime.core/lib/pmmlbeans-1.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar).

The automatically generated package structure is due to the XML namespace URL
<PMML version="4.0" xmlns="">
of the PMML documents.

I'll send you a private message with for exchanging email adress to provide you the sources.


Hi Dominik,

Thanks for your message, makes it more clear for me. I've replied your email.