PNG settings on RView node are not honored

I am using an RView node from the R(Interactive) set of nodes, and everything is working correctly except that I wanted the vertical axis to be twice as long as the horizontal, so I set the Image Width in the PNG Settings to 1000 pixels and the Image Height to 2000 pixels.

When I view the image the x and y lengths are the same, and the R Std Output says:

> setwd("/var/folders/vf/2vy5ghm105ggvd82h1wvx0040000gn/T/knime_Process Apache88385");
> load("/var/folders/vf/2vy5ghm105ggvd82h1wvx0040000gn/T/knime_Process Apache88385/R-workspace6201422076505463551.RData");
> png("/var/folders/vf/2vy5ghm105ggvd82h1wvx0040000gn/T/knime_Process Apache88385/R-view-5203371638574289280.png", width=640, height=640, pointsize=12, bg="#ffffff", res=NA)

So the png() call is setting the width and height to the same value, 640 pixels.

Is this working correctly?

Is there a configuration setting that is overriding the PNG settings?



It looks like for the image generation within the node dialog always uses 640 x 640, but the resulting image at the node out-port does have the correct sizes -- can you please confirm?

When I went to test this I got a bunch of errors that required me to close and reopen the workflow.

Now it seems to be working, with regard to the width and height. however background and font size changes are not being reflected in the output PNG file. This is may be a different problem.

It seems to me that there may be some runtime conditions where the PNG settings from the node are not being internalized. Not only the width and height settings but the resolution, background, font size and the other settings on that panel did not get updated because the image output from that node did not reflect these updates.

Not sure if I will run into this again but if someone could look at the code that reads the PNG properties to see if there are conditions where they do not get read.


-- Scott


Scott, thanks for pointing to this issue. I will try reproducing this bug.