Pointing KNIME to different java installation on Mac OS X 10.9.5

The organization I work in is very strict about security, and they run incident detection software. Recently I received some emails that KNIME's pinging the "tips and tricks" web page was throwing an incident due to KNIME using a java (java version "1.7.0_60") with known exploits (according to the incident email). The email recommended upgrading to 1.7.0_79 or greater and so I was able to install that version and point KNIME to it. However the drop-down menus do not seem to work properly in the node interfaces.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to acheive a balance between being able to use KNIME and satisfying these security controls?

Thanks very much!





It doesn't make any sense to warn about an insecure Java version when running a local application. It can do everything to your system anyway, there is no sandbox. It's a different story when Java is used for applets in the browser or on a server, though.

There is a reason why we recommend a fixed version of Java for the KNIME Analytics Platform because oaccasionally Java updates tend to break GUI stuff (this has been the case for several years).

Thanks for the reply and insight regarding the sandboxed vs. stand-alone runtime. I agree that it may be a bit strict for a stand-alone application. I'll see if I can get any further on this end.