Populate A Multi Selection QuickForm with Database List

I'm wondering if it is possible to feed a list into the Multi Selection QuickForm (or equivalent) instead of typing in a static list?


Database Reader - SELECT ClientName FROM Clients;

Now I'd like the list of client names to be the list for the Multi Selection QuickForm.

Seems like maybe there could be a way to feed the Flow Variables > choices > array-size with the count of clients. But is there a way to dynamically set the array values (Flow Variables > choices > 0, Flow Variables > choices > 1, etc) with the list values?

Or is there a better way, or node, or not possible?

Thanks for any help

OK, updating my own post as I explore...

Looks like the the Multiple Selection Input QuickForm might be able to do this.  I've fed a string workflow variable that is a comma separated list into the Flow Variables > choices and this shows up as a list of checkboxes with those values when running the quick form (not as nice as a list box for a long list).

From here I don't understand how to get the selected checkboxes to populate the variable.  On the Control tab it requires something in the Variable Values and Possible Choices, is there a way to designate certain indexes within the list?  If I enter a string literal the node with show the list of checkboxes from the workflow variable but the string literal gets assigned to the variable for the node.  If I put a list into the Flow Variables > value > values parameter it selects those checkboxes by default but still does not update the node variable with values of selected checkboxes in the QuickForm interface.

... back to the drawing board...

Is the value filter quick form node any use to you ?



Yes, just what I needed, thanks Simon!



I am looking to do something very similar.   I am using the Data Reader node to read in values (system hostnames) that I then want to be selectable in a Multiple Selection node to then serve as input to a Rule-based Row Filter.  Might you be willing to provide a little additional guidance on how you modeled your solution?

Thank you,


Hi Brad,

As Simon mentioned, use the Value Filter QuickForm.  


  1. Read in your data
  2. (Optional) Domain Calculator --> uncheck the "Restrict possible values" if you have lists longer than 60
  3. Value Filter QuickForm  --> Allows the selection of a column from your table and then Select/Unselect values from that table
  4. Use the rows in the output table in your filter (Reference Row, Rule based, etc)

Hope that helps,


Troy and Simon,

Unfortunately, I'm trying to be too smart by two.  I am looking to deploy multiple quickforms.  The first would accept a DB tablename from the web portal user.  In the second, I would like to allow the user to select from the table fields that are returned from a SHOW COLUMNS query.

The approach that you recommended (thank you), assumes that the table is known.  Any way that I can define a "dynamic" array of strings from which to select in the multiple selection quickform?

The capability that I am trying to develop would allow the user to select from a database of compute server resource utilization metrics a (metrics) table, one or more hostnames, and one or more metrics that could be charted.

Would appreciate any input that you or others might have.




If sql server, is something like select name from sys.allobjects any help?

This will give you a list of table names to select?