Populate Multiple Selections node with flow variables



Is it possible to configure a Multiple Selections quick form node with table/flow variable input? Does anyone know a way to do this without knowing the number of choices before hand or the row/column/variable names?

A quick check on the forum suggests this has been an issue for a while. It’s certainly something I’ve had to deal with from time to time, and I’ve never figured out a solution. Usually I just use a table view with check boxes instead.

This comes back to a problem I often come up against: the inability to pass list/arrays as workflow variables. I think I’ve chatted to KNIME folks about it before, who’ve acknowledged that it would be useful. I was wondering if there was any movement on implementing it. It would pretty much solve the Multiple Selections node problem I’ve been having.




Hi Richard,

I can feel your pain, as I’ve been running into this problem as well. For now, your workaround with the table view is the way to go. Thanks for addressing this again. I’ll let you know as soon as something is available here.



Thanks Maren, that’s what I figured.

As a follow up, is it possible to pre-select rows in the table view, i.e. pre-check the check boxes/radio button based on incoming data?




A not really satisfying way is to pre-select the values manually with in an open view and safe the selection as new default. As long as the input data does not change, this works fine. At the moment there is no solution to this in a generic way, e.g. creating the selection column with a Rule Engine and defining this column to be the selection column for the Table View. This could be a useful feature, though.


Sadly the input data and any pre-selections depend on user actions upstream.

Being able to define a boolean column as the selection column would be extremely useful. You can obviously already add one to the node’s output, so I naively hoped that an input column of the same name would be picked up. I wasn’t all that surprised when it didn’t work.