Portable Format for Analytics (PFA)

Hello everyone,

Does anyone of you know if it is possible to deploy a model in PFA using KNIME? It was recently stated that someone was working on that (http://dmg.org/pfa/public/PFA_One_Pager.pdf) but i couldn't find any example nor documentation.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Roberto,

we are currently working on this, but this is still under development. I can comment here if we have something to release.

Best, Iris 

Thank you!


I too am interested in using PFA to deploy models on KNIME. Eagerly waiting for when you release!

Hello @steadyfish and @rmarseglia,
I just wanted to let you know that we, the Bioinformatics and Information Mining Group at the University of Konstanz, just released a community extension for scoring PFA models. You can install it from the nightly or 3.7 stable community update site (http://update.knime.com/community-contributions/trunk or http://update.knime.com/community-contributions/3.7).
Kind regards