Possibility of "Seemless" KNIME integration with Spotfire

 Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had combined KNIME and Spotfire in a "seemless way".  My situation is I use KNIME to acquire and join data.  What I would like to do is then have that data visualized in Spotfire.  Here I could make selections etc for instance using the tag panel.  Then I would like those selections passed as new columns (which already happens) that then could be processed by KNIME further without going outside of KNIME.


I'd be really interested to hear what the community thinks


Hi Jason,

Have you had a look at the tibco spotfire integration available from labs (http://tech.knime.org/tibco-spotfire)? You will have to do some more manual steps, that is, installing a bridge library in your windows client and deploy an extension on the spotfire server to enable hilighting with KNIME. It's all reasonably well documented if you follow the link.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Bernd,

I appreciate the help and link!