Possible Bug in Parallel Coordinate Plot Image Export

Hi, I am producing a parallel coordinate plot at the end of a similarity search (implemented and viewed via web portal) and export the image to svg following the plot using the Image Writer node. I have the ‘curved connections’ option checked in the plot node and this is reflected in the displayed image (web portal) but the image on the export port does not have this curved option applied, i.e. just straight line connections which in this case result in a much less clear presentation. It may be coincidental (I am investigating) but at the point of display of the plot in the web portal a ‘workflow not executed’ message is displayed also at the top of the screen although all expected elements are displayed, apparently correctly… I note also that in the data export from this plot node, there is an added Boolean column ‘Parallel Coordinates Selection’ which the ‘help’ states ‘represents the selection made in the parallel coordinates view’ - in this case that column has missing values.

Hi SteveThornton,

Would you be able to provide the data/workflow which causes this issue? That will allow us to see if the issue is one of those.

Hi, I have reproduce the affect in the attached workflow. Includes 2 variables fed into plot node as in the full workflow, data in same format in attached data.txt, and passed through color manager node. Image on port has straight connections whereas in node configured and displayed as curved. Thank
you for your consideration. Steve.
data.txt (705 Bytes)
parallel_coordinate_plot_svg_image.knwf (15.5 KB)


Hello, I am able to recreate your error and will report this internally to see if the creators of this node can identify what is happening.

With regards to:

On my end, the workflow executes successfully on the web portal but no image is displayed with the current workflow.


Hi, just nudging this post - did the ‘creators’ come up with a solution ? My web plots look a bit messy with the straight line connections…

Hello Steve,

yes, we were able to fix your issue. You can try it in Nightly or wait until the release of 4.5.2, which will probably be sometime next week.

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