Possible bug: "Subset Matcher"-node

Dear KNIME-Team,

I have encountered a possible bug in the "Subset Matcher"-node regarding the "Maximum mismatches". I have prepared a minimum example to reproduce the behaviour from the field of association anaylsis.

There are 3 sets of items constituting the antecedents in corresponding association rules. When the "Maximum mismatches" are set to 0 the outcome is as expected. When these are set to 1 regarding the fuzzy matching restriction I would expect the LHS-set [01] not to match the second and 4th purchase which do not contain the item 01. In contrast to this the LHS-set [07] is not matched against the first 3 purchases. This seems inconsistent to me.

Best regards

Knime Version 3.1.1
Windows 7, no further details accessible due to shrinked user priviliges


Hello Martin,

thanks for reporting this issue which occured if the fuzzy match is greater 0 and the first matching item e.g. [07] was larger then the item to match e.g. [01]. The issue will be fixed with the next KNIME version which will be released at the beginning of July. The set [07] now also matches the set [01] and [02] if one missmatch is allowed.



Hello Martin,

on friday we released 3.2 which also includes your bugfix. Let me know if this works for you!

Cheers, Iris