POST Request node receives 502 Bad Gateway after update to 4.2

I connect to the REST API service. I set up a POST request node, which contacts the server and sends some custom JSON as body (as required by the API). The URL is configured via a flow variable. The body is taken from a table column. The node further is configured to send proper settings for the Content-Type and the Accept headers.

With 4.1.3 everything works like a charm. With 4.2 the node fails, claiming the server sent a 502 Bad Gateway. However, the server is responsive otherwise and running the very same workflow again in 4.1.3 works.

So it seems that with the 4.2 update something around the POST request node broke. I’m a little bit lost since the logfile also just says that there was a 502 response from the server. If anyone has some suggestion regarding root cause analysis for this issue, I’ll happily support in debugging this.

Never mind. New day. New success. Today the problem is gone. I’m still baffled how that could happen. How can running the workflow in 4.2 give the error, running it immediately in 4.1.3 work and running it again in 4.2 give the error again.

Anyway, it works now. Sorry for the noise.

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Hi @MeikelBrandmeyer,

glad it is working now. Maybe it just needed a warm up :slight_smile:

If problem occurs again feel free to post it here again and someone will check it.


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