POST Request - Returning Error

I am getting an Message @ Body when a POST Request in KNIME is placed as “One or more errors occurred”. Can someone advice me on this please? image

Hi @gokulpnair and welcome to the forum.

I’m afraid we’ll need more information about what you’re trying to do here. This looks like a stack trace error being returned in the JSON body.

What are you trying to do, what service are you trying to access, and what does your POST request look like? And does it work if you use a tool like Postman outside of KNIME? If you can post a sample workflow with your POST Request node included that would be helpful.

Thanks @ScottF for your reply.
I am trying to POST a request to an application to generate a Token for necessary authentications for further steps. When tried with Postman using POST Request, this worked by returning the needful Token.

In KNIME, i tried with declaring the Keys & Values (as we used to do in Postman) in the Body for the Request, but this is returning the same error.

So the Process Flow is POSTing a Request to the desired application url with necessary keys & values in the body to generate the token - the expected result will be a Token.

If you need any further details to analyse this, please let me know - thanks in advance.


In that case, maybe check out this example workflow, which uses POST nodes to get access tokens in a few different ways - one from Salesforce, and one from SugarCRM:

Thanks @ScottF - i am trying with the example workflow. Error is persisting, let me try few more time and will update back here - thanks again.

Hi @ScottF,
Results are not positive even after tried with the Parameter input component. Connectivity is ensured with a GET request from KNIME for the rest url and it returned expected results, but POST is still not working.

I modified the Parameter Input component to declare all values for the Request body, but is no luck. Attaching the Postman Get Request and the same executed with KNIME for further inputs - please advise. Thanks in advance.

I think the key here is somewhere in the POST request configuration itself, and in this case perhaps how you have applied the flow variables from the component. But screenshots are probably not enough.

It is possible for you to post the actual workflow with your keys/secret redacted?

We might also try coming up with a dummy workflow using a different, publically available system to test against.

Hi @ScottF,
This time the Token is generated when the body of the request is made in a single line without any spaces, which is different from what we did with Postman. I am proceeding with the next steps and if something comes up i will back to you on this. Thanks again for all the support.


Hi @ScottF ,
Can you please advice on which node to be used to append/replace an extracted value to the body of a JSON - body of JSON needs to be given as an external input also? Thanks in advance.

Hi @ScottF, the last issue was sorted out successfully and the flow is working fine- thanks.


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