Post result report preview by automatic mail

I want to send a column in Excel as a list by mail. Mail in the mail signature of the picture and the mail should be in the explanatory text in the email will send.

I have a workflow and writes excel after completing the work. I want to specify the number of lines in a row in the excel in the row and for example, 30 lines in the mail with my descriptive text and mail signature.

I’m glad if you send a sample workflow. Thanks

??? :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Hi @umutcankurt,

I’m afraid I did not quite get what you are trying to achieve. What I understood is that you have some Excel file and now you want to send the data saved in that Excel file via mail. I assume the Excel Reader, some transformation and a Send Email node can do the job for you.


Hi I want to do; In the first 30 records in the excel file to write and send as a list. I would also like to add an image in the mail and text. @Marten_Pfannenschmidt

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