Postcode Map Mapping

Can UK or French postal codes be used to map points?

I’d assume there are plenty of services available that map zip codes to lat long coordinates. Most likely you’ll be able to query them vie REST or crawl those pages with Webpage Retriever. Afterwards you can use those coordinates in OSM or other visualization nodes.


I’m not sure whether I understand your problem behind this question.
What ist the starting point for you?
Do you have a list of zip codes and you want to display them on a map?

Then there are two steps required:

  1. Translate zip code to lat/lon
    For that purpose you will need a service outside of knime which can do that. Nomatin / using OSM data ( might help.

That returns the location of Marseille and some more cities in other countries with the zip code 13006

  1. Display lat/lon on a map
    For that there exists an OSM node OSM Map View which will help you to do that job

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