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I’ve got into PostgreSQL performance troubles. I noticed many times several PostgreSQL related nodes in my workflow, e.g. Database Readers, Database Writers, Database SQL Executor or PostgreSQL Connector got stuck for unreasonable amount of time in Executing… state. Please notice that database locks never caused this issue since nodes worked with different tables not referencing each other and neither maximum number of executing nodes settings was a reason.
For instance, I could see two nodes reading two tables at the same time. I’ve been observing two “Executing…” states (and corresponding log entries in console). The invocations took several minutes each despite the fact one of these tables was empty. Moreover, every time I invoked select from pg_stat_activity I could see just one connection opened by KNIME in the result list.
My suspicion is that KNIME keeps only one connection to PostgreSQL database. I haven’t experienced this using Oracle 12c.
I’d like to know whether and how it is possible to make KNIME Analytics Platform use more connections to PostgreSQL database in parallel.
Thank you.

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Hi Jan!

Maybe this topic will help you:



Hi Ivan,

good stuff.

Thanks a lot.

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