PostgreSQL ?

Does KNIME work with PostgreSQL ?


If you think about the Database Reader and Writer in KNIME, yes it does works with PostgreSQL and has been in addition tested against a DB2, Firebird, MySQL, Oracle, and SQLServer. In order to run these nodes, you need to have the driver jar/zip file at hand containing the PostgreSQL driver. The driver can be dynamically loaded within the node's dialog.

Thanks Gabriel. It indeed works with PostgreSQL. I wanted to use the Database reader and writer.

Hi gabriel,


I'm new to KNIME,

I have problem in writing the data back to MS Access database, Please help me.

I tried to read the data from MS Access DB with the help of this link everything was fine.

Now when I'm trying to write the data back to the same DB after some transformation, I'm getting this error ERROR Database Writer      2:19       Execute failed: UCAExc:::4.0.1 unexpected token: STATE required: (

Here I'm attaching the image of the workflow of what I'm trying to do (And that's how I'm configuring), Please find it.

I'm sure I have missed something, Please help me correct that.


Thank you.

And what does your question have to do with PostgreSQL?

Hi thor,

Sorry it's Irreverent here may be but I didn't get a reply for this so I thought he could help me.



@thor Please help me if you know the solution